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Coal and Mulch with FAST delivery. Serving Lancaster County PA
Why Garman Mulch?

Learn why more people in Lancaster County choose Garman's for their mulch delivery needs.

Why Garman Coal?

Learn why more people in Lancaster County choose Garman's for their Coal delivery needs.

​Natural Mulch - Colored Mulch - Rubber Playground Mulch 
Now offering seasoned FIREWOOD & STRAW BALES for newly seeded lawns.
Fast Delivery, Friendly Staff
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Same day delivery if ordered by noon!

No delivery charge for orders of 8 cubic yards or more.



Garmans Premium Mulch 653-9580

Small & Large Load Deliveries Available


Regardless of your need, Garman's Mulch can handle your delivery.
Whether one or twenty cubic yards, we have the means for delivering your order in a timely matter. Enjoy a video of our custom sliding floor trailer for large loads here.
Garmans Mulch Call 717-653-9580

Ready to schedule your delivery?


One of our friendly staff is always ready to answer your questions and help you determine your mulch needs. We understand how important getting your order delivered quickly is and we'll work to make it happen. Feel free to contact us to help or to place your order today.
Why Mulch?

"Mulching" describes the time-honored practice of covering soil with a layer of material that will provide a variety of beneficial gardening results. Mulch can limit weeds, conserve soil moisture, moderate soil temperature, decrease soil compaction and may also reduce the spread of some soil-born diseases. Mulching materials may be organic, from living sources such as wood chips, or inorganic, such as shredded rubber. Over time, organic mulches can help build a better soil structure that pays off in healthy, vigorous plants that may be better able to live with insect and disease infestations.Annual flower beds do best with organic mulches that will break down rapidly when tilled into the soil at the end of the season. This adds organic matter to the soil, provides food for earthworms and helps builds a healthier soil structure. Vegetable gardens often produce larger and healthier crops when mulched at the correct time. Wait until the soil has warmed thoroughly for heat loving crops, but mulch cool season crops early in spring. 

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