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Our Services include seasoned Firewood, mulch, bagged cocoa shells, screened topsoil, coal and landscaping straw bales. Delivered or Pick up.

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Mulch and Coal delivered throughout Lancaster County PA
  • Garman's Mulch measures by the cubic yard, not by the scoop. Many of our customers comment on the difference in the amount of mulch they receive compared to other suppliers.
  • We will work long, work late, or do whatever it takes to make sure you are satisfied with your order.
  • We offer three grades of natural mulch, three grades of colored mulch, natural colored rubber playground mulch and mushroom mulch.
  • We welcome wholesale orders, and orders for compost and topsoil. (Watch video below)
  • For winter needs, we provide orders of Blaschak Coal with free delivery of 2 ton orders or more.
  • We  now offer seasoned FIREWOOD and STRAW BALES (for lawn seeding). Call for details.

Seasoned, split firewood consisting of a mixture of oak, ash, maple, locust, cherry and walnut.

Also-Straw bales for newly seeded lawns.


Learn about our "Moving Floor" Trailer for large bulk deliveries.

Why use mulch?

  • Mulch conserves moisture in the plant root zone.

  • Mulch prevents weed growth.

  • Mulch allows for gradual warming of the soil in the spring.

  • Mulch is an excellent means by which to conserve moisture in soil.

  • Mulching plants in the fall helps to hold in much-needed moisture and prevents tissue burn from the cold winter winds.

  • Mulch can help prevent the spread of soil-borne diseases.

  • Mulch increases soil fertility through decomposition of organic mulches.

  • Mulch increases water infiltration and prevents soil compaction;

  • Mulch improves the appearance of landscapes.

  • Mulching is one of the best forms of weed control.

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